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ANODIZING:  Conventional Sulfuric Acid Anodizing of Aluminum Parts

Anodizing is the electrochemical oxidation of an aluminum surface designed to produce a stable film of the aluminum's oxide on that surface. This transparent anodic coating is a microscopic cellular structure composed of pores that can be impregnated with aqueous dyes to achieve a colored anodized aluminum finish. In addition to being extremely hard and resistant to abrasion, the anodic coating converts the aluminum surface to a non-conductive surface. For customers with specific applications that require grounding or the maintenance of a conductive area, we offer a variety of masking services.

The anodic coating is a transparent microscopic cellular structure that is extremely hard and abrasion resistant. For colored anodizing the part is immersed in an aqueous dye which soaks into the microscopic pores of the anodized part. The porous coating is then sealed by immersing the part into a boiling sealing solution. The desired dye is then embedded in the anodic coating.

After the sealing process has been completed, the product can then withstand harsh conditions such as salt spray, acids, moisture, heat, abrasion, and numerous chemicals.

Clear Fast Gold
Orange RLW
Deep Black MLW
Gray BL
L Golden
Fast Blue G
Bordeaux R
Violet CLW


(Clear Anodize)
Type II
Class I
(Color Anodize)
Type II
Class II
(Clear Hard Anodize)
Type III
Class I
(Color Hard Anodize)
Type III
Class II

ALODINING:  Iriditing-Chrome Conversion Coating

Alodining (chemical conversion) is a coating method intended to provide corrosion prevention to aluminum products left unpainted, as well as to improve adhesion of painting processes.  While not designed to be a cosmetic or decorative coating, we take great pride in producing alodined parts with minimal to no unappealing streaks or water spots.  Unlike anodizing, aluminum parts are alodined in only two colors, clear and gold.  Unless specified, gold alodining is the standard and offers the most corrosion protection.

Meets:  Military Standard - MIL - C - 5541


Anodizing Graphics of Texas presents a new look to Anodized metal finishes: two bold colors in a splattered design. Call us for quotes and design specifications.

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