Metal Finishing:
•  Anodizing and Alodining
•  Double Anodizing
•  Other Metal Finishing Services
Labels, Tags, Plates, and
•  Polycarbonate, Vinyl, & Polyester
•  Photosensitive Aluminum
•  Bar Code Labels
•  UL® Labels
•  Laser Engraving and Etching
•  Silkscreening
Art and Film:
•  Art and Film

We are able to laser engrave and etch a wide variety of materials with the highest quality and precision accuracy.                                       

  Stainless Steel Aluminum
  Brass  Glass
  Wood Acrylic
  Marble Crystal
  Leather Onyx & Stone
  Plastic (Polycarbonate, Phenolic, Gravoply, etc) Miscellaneous. (Ceramics, Mylar, Pressboard, Veneer, Cork, Rubber)
  Instrument Panels Polycarbonate Overlays
  Nameplates Nametags
  Instruction Plates / Tags Barcodes
  Signage Gifts & Awards*
*Including gifts for guys, gals, graduates, students, athletes, executives, grandparents, kids & teens, teachers, brides & bridesmaids, grooms & groomsmen.
  36” X 24”
  Up to 12” tall
  Call for information regarding sizes of curved surfaces

Etching is a process using chemicals to etch into the surface of a metal creating the graphics or text. The etch and fill process starts out with placing a chemical resist on the front of the metal. Everything covered by the resist will be protected from the chemicals during the etching process. The fill process involves depositing an opaque color into the etched areas of the metal. The etch and fill process is available on aluminum, brass and stainless steel.

The etch and fill process is considered to be a timeless product. Etched graphics stand up to the test of time, including chemical and weather exposure, leaving the etched copy legible. The etch and fill process is also a durable option for serial tags, nameplates and machinery identification.



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