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For customers who are required to purchase their labels and tags from a UL® approved marking and labeling system distributor, we currently offer six different approved printing systems. These labeling systems fall under the following UL® product categories:

  PGAA Authorized Label Suppliers Program
  PGDQ2 Marking and Labeling Systems – Component
  PGGU2 Marking and Labeling Systems Materials Component
  PGIS2 Marking and Labeling Systems, Limited Use – Component
  PGJI2 Printing Materials Component

All of these approved printing processes can be found on the UL® website. To see maximum and minimum temperature ratings and which surfaces have been tested for each labeling system, CLICK below to direct you to our UL® website information:

  UL® Information  
Anodized Aluminum (AGT-MTLP) - This labeling system uses the photosensitive anodized aluminum printing method known as the Metalphoto® printing process. The labels, tags and I.D. plates are made of anodized aluminum and have pressure sensitive adhesive applied to the back of the labels. Mounting holes and radiused corners are other popular options requested by our customers.

Polycarbonate (AGT-PO-010) - The printing process used in this labeling system is the polycarbonate overlay printing method. Using a .010” thick velvet finish polycarbonate sheet, we reverse screen print the labels on the back side and apply a pressure sensitive adhesive (with release liner). The printing is therefore protected by the clear polycarbonate sheet and is approved for indoor and outdoor use by UL®.

Silver Polyester (AGT-POLY-980) - This printing process utilizes a 3M silver polyester with a pressure sensitive adhesive and release liner. The desired image / text is silkscreened onto the face of the polyester. UL® has approved this labeling system for indoor use for mounting on polycarbonate, nylon and polypropylene surfaces. It has also been tested and approved for indoor and outdoor use on steel, aluminum, porcelain, plastics and painted surfaces.

Silver Polyester w/Overlam (AGT-POLY 980-OL) - This labeling system is the same as AGT-POLY-980 except a 3M clear overlaminate is applied to the face for additional protection.

White Polyester (AGT-POLY-983) - This printing process is similar to the AGT-POLY-980 except that the facestock is a 3M white polyester instead of silver. It has the same temperature ratings and approvals as the AGT-POLY-980 labeling system.

White Polyester w/Overlam (AGT-POLY-983-OL) - This labeling system is the same as the AGT-POLY-983 except a 3M clear overlaminate is applied to the face for additional protection.

As per UL® rules and regulations for labeling system distributors, all customer orders must be accompanied by a drawing which displays the UL® approval stamp.

UL® is a registered trademark of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.  Metalphoto® is a registered trademark of Horizons Research, Inc.

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